Heroes | Chapter 10 "Six Months Ago" Preview

When did Monday's become Must See TV night? I've got HIMYM, Studio 60 and Heroes! Tonight we get a glimpse at the lives of our heroes six months ago. We'll be witness to each of the heroes as they discover their powers and/or learn to use their powers for good or for evil. In preparation for the night, I wanted to bring you a number of sources that got me geared up!

First, there is a great six minute long preview at Access Hollywood. Click on the picture of Hiro and Charlie below to watch.

TVGuide has a great interview with actor Jack Coleman who plays H.R.G. (Horn Rimmed Glasses aka Mr. Bennett aka Claire's Dad) and I've included some tidbits below but I will say that the man should be working PR for that show. He likes to talk and he doesn't come off as an actor at all! It's a great interview and a must read in preparation for tonight's 10th episode!

TV Guide: What can you say about the Nov. 27 episode, where the clock turns back six months?
Coleman: I read some blog that said, "I don't want to go back, I want to keep going forward," but I'm telling you, this episode's fantastic. Going back illuminates so much of what you've already seen and sets the stage for so much of what lies ahead. You learn a lot more about, for instance, where Niki's coming from and how her split came to be. There's a lot of light shed on how all these people came to be who they are. The episode right after that is the cliff-hanger, which I don't think would be nearly as strong without setting the table the way Episode 10 does.

TV Guide: What's revealed about H.R.G. in "Six Months Ago"?
Coleman: Quite a bit, not the least of which is the revelation of how Claire in a very profound way is revealed to him and how he decides to act on that.

Click here to read the whole article.

As always, for the best in photos, downloads and gossip related to HEROES, head on over to Heroes Forum.


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