Jericho Online During Hiatus

For those of you out there that are addicted to CBS's hit show Jericho I wanted to bring you this news. Jericho goes Viral... sounds like everyone there could end up with something viral but in this case, it just means that you can continue the Jericho storyline online during its hiatus.

As viewers saw last night on CBS, JERICHO ended its fall season with a big cliffhanger. But fans don't have to wait until the series returns in February 2007 to get their JERICHO fix, because the mystery continues online at Starting today, fans can enjoy a new super-charged web site with great new features, exclusive footage and insider information.

At fans are able to:

- Watch full-length "Insiders' Commentary" featuring comments from the show's producers, writers, directors and actors
- Tune into original episodes of the online JERICHO webumentary "Countdown"
- Contribute to the fan-generated Wiki-encyclopedia
- Join the JERICHO community message boards to talk with other fans about the show
- Get a sneak-peek at exclusive footage from upcoming episodes

Also coming up: exclusive interview footage with Hawkins (Lennie James), who reveals insider information about what he knows, and the JERICHO online talk show featuring interviews with the show's producers and actors.

JERICHO concluded its fall season last night and will return on Wednesday, February 14th (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) with a recap special looking back at the first 11 episodes, followed by all-original episodes for the remainder of the season starting on Wednesday, February 21st.


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