The Closer | 2 Hour Special "Serving The King"

Tonight is a two hour special episode of The Closer which airs over on TNT. Officially ending its second season on a high note back in September this two hour treat not only gives us more Brenda Lee Johnson but it also gives us some Kevin Bacon action. No, unfortch he won't be guest starring but he is behind the camera for the second hour of "Serving The King."

When we last left Brenda and the rest of Priority Homicide, there was a shoot out in the murder room. Tonight the show picks up not long after as Brenda helps track a killer that has terrorist connections.

Kyra Sedgwick is simply amazing in this role and while the show can at times be too quirky for some I always find it refreshing and a great hour of tense drama. It's not always about who's done each murder, its about how Brenda figures it out and how she can close the case. And folks, there is nothing better than when Brenda internalizes a case and then explodes on the suspects. She's amazing. Please watch!

*Oh and I saw Jon Tenney two weeks ago in NYC. We were both at the preview performance of SPRING AWAKENING (which is incredible). He looked a little puffy... all I'm saying.


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