Studio 60 "The Christmas Show"

In my humble ho-ho-ho-pinion I think that Studio 60 only gets better with time. Since NBC has taken the leap of faith and given Studio 60 a full season I feel like the writers are now able to focus on making a more even script that is a little less heavy handed and a little more jovial while working on character development instead of leftist rants.

The Nevada Day episodes were just superb and a real highlight for me. I've grown to love Nate Corddry and somehow, someway Amanda Peet's Jordan McDeere has become my new favorite TV character. She's so refreshing as this almost fish out of water newbie exec that still wants to rule the roost with a balls to the way approach. Too bad she has a few folks above her and beside her to answer to. I think the show is always at its finest when Jordan is on the defensive and being a strong willed and highly opinionated female. Her smart-ass ways make for incredible television even if at times they are far-stretched.

Last week's B-12 episode featured one of the best speeches/interactions on the show to date (the obvious best speech being Judd Hirsch's opening Network-esque monologue). Jordan finally agrees to an interview to counter-attack the media attention that her ex-husband is getting from promoting his book. She's to play the straight/even/controlled Executive who is above her Ex's antics but who is not afraid to address the rumors. In her meeting with a TIME reporter it quickly goes sour. Her sarcastic answers annoy the report and her insistance on being unapologetic for her private life lends to this:

Jordan: "We had a lifestyle and we were together and I regret both of those things..."

The Reporter presses Jordan and he says that there are rumors about her lifestyle which just angers her so she demands specific reports or specific rumors...

Reporter: "There is talk among people in the industry. It has been reported that..."
Jordan: "The talk among the people in the industry - and that was absolutely penetrating specificity - it hasn't been reported, it's been created; The same way it just was a moment ago. Stories need conflict, that's understandable, except reporters aren't supposed to be storytellers - stop trying to entertain me!"
Reporter: "You don't like the Press."
Jordan: "By 'The Press' you mean a lot of people - so let me be specific - I DON'T LIKE YOU. I don't think you've spoken to a single person that's unhappy with my job performance. I think you're reporting on what you and the guy in the cube next to you were talking about at lunch and that makes you a hairdresser and a cockfight promoter."

SLAM! A HAIRDRESSER AND A COCKFIGHT PROMOTER! The best line ever! I Heart Jordan McDeere.

This week's Christmas episode was full of incredible tongue-in-cheek shots at the commercialism and the de-christianizing of Christmas. I loved how Simon and Tom were able to corrupt Lucy and Darius as time wore on in the writers room. Poking holes in the mythology of Christmas, the origins, the three wise men, etc. was hysterical. It was the antithesis of what Matt wanted out of the group and acted as an obvious cultural statement but it never felt heavy handed. It was played for humor and intelligence. It's what the show is becoming and I couldn't be happier.

We got to see a little into Harriet's life without focusing on her Religion or the ramifications of her beliefs. Sarah Paulson is just great in this role and contrary to what my friend Nancy says, I find Harriet to be incredibly complex and I want more of her storyline developed.

I almost died at the To Catch a Predator spoof they did with Santa! It was possibly the funniest satire sketch we've seen on any show in years. The scariest thing was Nate Corddry sounding exactly like Chris Hansen. Shockingly good.

I wasn't sure about the whole New Orleans Musicians subplot but in the end it worked. I was a little teary, I'm man enough to admit it. O' Holy Night is one of my favorite holiday songs and I find it to be incredibly sad. Throw it into the Studio 60 realm with the New Orleans tribute and actual musicians and damn, I was a noodle.

Watch for yourself:

My Christmas Wish is for Studio 60 to find a wider audience so we can forever embrace the increasing brilliance of this show.


  • Agreed--definitely their best episode yet, and Jordan is the BEST EVER. ...But how do you feel about the Jordan/Danny situation? I'm all for it, personally. If nothing else, it means more screentime for Jordan!

    By Anonymous Liz, at 12/07/2006 03:54:00 PM  

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