Kim Whitley on Fox's Standoff

I've never once seen Fox's Standoff but watched almost a full episode the other night. I found it to be pretty entertaining. I love me some Gina Torres so it was great seeing her do some work again and I'll always have a soft spot for Ron Livingston. What really caught my attention though was their special guest star this week.

A sassy number that made me stop dead in my tracks because she holds a special place in my comedy heart. Kim Whitley was the center of all the attention for Standoff's hostage crisis this week and I frakkin' love her. If you're wondering who the hell Kim Whitley is, well she will forever be known in my eyes as the prostitute Larry David picked up on a Season 4 episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm just so he could ride in the HOV lane to get to a baseball game. It's one of the best episodes of the series and sweet jesus, Kim Whitley is brilliant in it!

If you've not seen the episode of CYE, I beg of you to rent it or see if it's on HBO On Demand because you will be crying. And just a warning... she will take her titty out if need be. BRILLIANCE!

That's all.


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