My Grammy Moment

So, do you wanna sing with Justin Timberlake at The Grammy's in February? No - I didn't think so. But would you like to watch someone sing someone else's song while in the same building as Justin Timberlake and the rest of the biggest singers and songwriters of today?

If you'd like to do either, keep reading. MY GRAMMY MOMENT is an online competition to find an unsigned (neither indie nor major label) singer to submit videos that will be voted on by the internet viewing public over the next 9 weeks.

Starting tonight, aspiring singers can submit videos through Yahoo Music and a Grammy Blue Ribbon Panel (do they also do pies) will pick the Top 12 performers who will then compete to sing with JT. The Top 12 will be announced on January 8th at which time its up to us America! We pick which overgrown Jean Benet moves on.

Submission Information:
December 15 (after 10:00 AM ET / 7:00 AM PT): Singers, at least 18-years of age or older, U.S. residents only, who have never been signed to an independent or major record label, submit a 60-second video of themselves singing one of the following GRAMMY-winning songs only (must be a cappella with no music or background track whatsoever):
o "If I Ain't Got You" (originally performed by Alicia Keys)
o "Breathe" (originally performed by Faith Hill)
o "Come To My Window" (originally performed by Melissa Etheridge)
o "What's Love Got To Do With It" (originally performed by Tina Turner)
o "Dance With My Father" (originally performed by Luther Vandross)
o "Cry Me A River" (originally performed by Justin Timberlake)
o "Respect" (originally performed by Aretha Franklin)
o "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" (originally performed by Whitney Houston)
o "Vision of Love" (originally performed by Mariah Carey).

Videos should be submitted and uploaded to Yahoo! Music, no later than Jan. 3, 2007


  • Ironically enough there is video somewhere of me singing Cry Me a River but I'm hoping it never sees the light of day let alone on the Grammys.

    But there has got to be a better way to get yourself to the Grammy's than slumming it with JT.

    By Blogger Scooter McGavin, at 12/15/2006 04:47:00 PM  

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