Battlestar Galactica "The Passage"

I'm super excited for tonight's Battlestar as tonight, Battlestar and Buffy collide! Jane Espenson has written tonight's episode titled "The Passage."

That's big news for all of us geeks out there because Jane did a incredible job carrying on Joss Whedon's vision as Co-Executive Producer and Writer on Buffy from 1998-2003. She wrote some of my favorites "Double Meat Palace" and "I Was Made To Love You" with the Buffybot!

"The Passage" works as a lead-in episode to next week's mid-season finale and Battlestar's final airing on a Friday night. Come the new year Battlestar will air on Sunday's at 10pm.

Often Starbuck nemesis Kat is a main focus in this episode as she plays a big role in leading the Colonial Fleet to the passage to Earth. Whether she's successful or not is to be determined.

Also tonight, starvation hits the fleet as their food processing machines become contaminated. Seriously, what did these people do to deserve the crap lives they have. Damn. Cylons aren't bad enough? You gotta throw in starvation? Give a brother a frakkin' break!

Here is an advance scene from "The Passage"

Can we just take a moment to talk about how incredible last week's episode "Unfinished Business" was? There was so much information that we learned not only about relationships but about life on New Caprica in the 8 months before the Cylons came. Adama and Roslin became closer though I'll argue it to the death with my co-workers that they did not have a sexual relationship. They just really enjoy each others company and they are confidants and friends. I love their relationship and its one of my favorite things about BSG. We also learned why Lee and Kara were so standoff-ish with each other in the finale of Season 2.

The use of flashbacks within the "dancing" scenes were superb. I was actually in tears when I finally understood the chronological order of flashbacks and that Lee walking by Kara and her taking a breath was right after Lee found out she married Anders. CRUSHING, HEARTBREAKING! Gods, they just frakked and proclaimed their love for each other. She freaks and marries Anders because she's an emotional jackass. I was devastated. The brutality in the ring was hard to watch but only because of the end result. I love these two and hope one day they are together and damnit in those final worn out moments I was mush.

Let's watch again!


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