Fantasia Slams Idol in Biopic

She not only looks like more man than Clay, Ruben, and Taylor combined; she fights like one too! This trainwreck just gets better and better each day! From being coaxed through her rape scenes by the directors son to this! August 19th will be like Christmas on Crack!

From E!:

The opening scene in the movie The Fantasia Barrino Story: Life Is Not a Fairy Tale shows the High Point, North Carolina, native walking into her bouquet-filled dressing room after bringing down the house with "Chain of Fools" during one of the weekly performance shows. Waiting for her is a fictional Idol producer named Ed (there is no Ed in Idol's actual production credits) and a PR-type named Barbara.

The smarmy producer proceeds to ask Barrino whether she has heard the Internet chatter circulating about her high-school-dropout and single-mother status. (The Free Yourself songstress had her daughter, Zion Quari' Barrino, in 2001 when she was 17.) Then Barbara tells her that "they" have received quite a few calls and emails about her background.

Totally out of concern, of course, the Idol reps then tell the aspiring star that no one would blame her if she dropped out of the competition.

"See what you want to do," Barbara says. "The choice is up to you. You can quit. No shame."
Sure, the image makes for great melodrama, but executive producer Ken Warwick adamantly denied that such an episode could have taken place under his watch.

"It's absolutely and totally untrue," Warwick said in the New York Post. "I'm the executive producer, Nigel [Lythgoe] is the other executive producer and nobody--to my knowledge--would have said anything like that to her.

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