So You Think You Can Dance

July 31, 2006

"There's been talk Steph; we haven't been talking, but there has been talk"
- Sharon Cooper (Grease 2)


So let's start with the rumor that Benji Schwimmer was in the hospital since last we've seen him. I've found nothing to confirm or deny this rumor unfortunatly. I've only seen message board info which states he went to the hospital but is back out and fine. Rumors. If I find out more, of course I will pass it on. I'm sure he went to visit his sick grandmother or something.

*UPDATE: I found this on TWOP and there was mention of it on Benji's myspace bulletin. This is from his sister Lacey posted online.

Hey everyone-lacey here. i have some news for you which if you read the boards im sure you've heard. that benji was in the hospital for 2 days due to strep throat and dehydration.....thankfully, hes going to be ok and he will try to stick it out for this week. -BUT- its kind of sad how scared he is with votes. he shared with me that hes afraid he might be getting sent home this week. so please lets show him his myspace fans are backing him. every vote counts. and he will be very greatful to each and every single one of you guys.thank you-god bless-big.lovelaceyb.schiwmmers sister


Supposedly these are the couplings for this week's numbers. Again, there are some intersting choices which almost solidify the Top 4! God t hese judges and producers really play favorites! I've not been able to find a confirmation on the actual routines performed and/or Choreographers except that Wade Robson will be choreographing a routine this week!

are you sure?


The couples...

My BF Travis Wall and Cousin Heidi (again)
Benji and Donyelle (again)
Ivan and Natalie


  • hmmmmmmmm. while I am glad to see Donyelle and Benji back together again (hear Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway song playing in the background...I digress)it seems really obvious to me that the final four is being stacked by this pairing and Ivan and Natalie are the 'odd men out' so to speak. We'll see. Looking forward to Wade's piece. Last week's opener fell short to me. And I loved Chicago.

    By Blogger journay2, at 7/31/2006 12:50:00 PM  

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