Wednesday is Ausiello Day...

It's Wednesday which means Michael Ausiello scoops all of us and makes or breaks our hump day. You've probably already read about Patty Hearst doing a guest stint on Veronica Mars (because I freaked out and posted it like in a heartbeat) but did you also know that Laura San Giacomo will also be guest starring this season? According to Mike, Ronnie's dad Enrico Colantoni will be reunited with his Just Shoot Me pal. Now if only we can find a role for Wendy Malick...

This next scoop here is so dirty... do I really need to reference what in my head crossing swords could mean? And with McSteamy and McDreamy... Good God, this is hot!

Question: I need some Grey's Anatomy scoop, please! — Eleni
Ausiello: In Episode 4, McSteamy and McDreamy cross swords over how to treat a burn victim. And there's no more mystery as to what Diahann Carroll will be doing on the show. According to this spoileriffic ABC promo, she'll be playing — as many of us suspected — Burke's mom. (That noise you hear is Shonda Rhimes tearing ABC's promo department a new one.)

Oh yeah, the Diahann Carroll tidbit is good too.

And Brothers & Sisters replacement showrunner Greg Berlanti opens up on the state of one of my most anticipated new Fall shows!

Click here for all of Ausiello's dishy poop.


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