Update: Zap2it has the premiere episode of Vanished available for a free download. I'm about half way through here on my lunch break.

As some or all of you may know I was crazy about Prison Break last season. Not only did it star Manazon Wentworth Miller but it was highly entertaining in that cheap thrills impossible but go with it kinda way. About halfway through the season I began working part-time on Monday nights and not getting out until Midnight. I tried playing catch up for a couple weeks but it just became too much. So, Prison Break was one of my first and saddest casualities from last year.

I am still a working man on Monday nights so PB is still out of the question as is the new thriller Vanished. As I want to bring you guys the best TV has to offer, I will link to some of the best sites for the shows I can no longer take on.

- GMMR has a great Season 1 Primer for Newbies as well as a "Back to Recaps" take on Season 2's Premiere from last night! Check them out.

- Vanished is given the star treatment over at TVGuide's Blogs. This time Matt Webb Mitovich takes a turn at the Senators Wife. Wait...


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