So You Think You Can Dance - Season 2 Finale!

So You Think You Can Dance
Season Finale - Part 1

August 16, 2006

Ah, 8:00 on Wednesday, a humid night in Boston with a light breeze and a pinkish orange sunset out my window. Tonight I get to sit back, relax and wait another hour before my nerves get the best of me. Why you ask? Because last week’s Performance Finale is being re-aired and I can just enjoy…

Wait a minute, there’s Cat Deely (host extraordinaire) in a super sexy purple number atop a platform…

I’ve not seen this outfit before…

She has different hair; those eyes are perfectly made up to look as if she's been on a 3 day bender with Kate Moss…

Okay, now there’s the LIVE logo in the right-hand corner…

She’s announcing the TOP 20 Dancers America

Hold on... This thing is LIVE!

Everyone and every site kept stating the first hour was a repeat of last week and the second hour was the LIVE Finale…

God I really hope people weren’t duped and they’ve tuned in already… here we go!

“Welcome, to So You Think You Can Dance!”

It’s only 8:01 and I’m already a nervous wreck. I’m over at
GMMR’s house with our friend Jess and we just ordered us up some Pizza and Salad – ready to settle in for a 2 hour orgasm of dance! Seriously folks, this is a great great night for your friend Ducky. Not only is he hanging out with some cool chicks, lets call them Ducketts, he gets to (hopefully) see his TV BF Travis Wall be crowned “America’s favorite Dancer.”

The Top 20 Revealved: Um, could this be the weakest opening reveal ever? Seriously it was way off and disjointed. It was great to see each of them (even the forgotten Joy)... The Top 4 strut onstage and I have to say; Heidi honey, please wait until the camera is ready for you. She struck a pose before the other 3 even stopped walking to center stage! Cousin Heidi needs to be slapped back into place - it was so awkward to see her waiting with her arm twisted behind her head for the camera to position on her... yeah...

We've all grown to love our host this season. She really has made the show her own and has really taken a liking to each and every contestant. You get the sense that she honestly and truly cares for these kids and tonight she didn't let us down. Cat called the Top 20 her “babies,” I love you Cat Deely and I cannot wait to see you again next summer. A round of applause folks for one sassy British Lass!

The Top 20 Perform: Salada Folks on that stage! Hello! My first thought, they're incredibly in sync given that there are 20 dancers. Ivan looks great (like he even lost some weight if that's possible); Travis was working the shit out of the camera; Musa’s dive into headstand move scared me but thrilled me into a stupor... God I miss that man! If he’s not on that Tour I am going to cry. Seriously, he deserves it more than many.

It was wonderful seeing all of the Top 20 again but honestly, you can see why some made it to the Top 10 and why some didn’t. Joy, honey, dye that hair already- it's way over processed.

Sean Paul featuring Keyshia Cole - Step Up - (When You Gonna) Give It Up to Me
“When You Gonna Give It To Me" from Step Up

Lately when I've been scouring youtube, I've come across what I assumed were just tagged shows from other countries with dance numbers but apparently they are real. It's time for So You Think The World Can Dance? This montage of footage from around the globe is too much. The Israel crickets guy? Laughed my butt off! I wish Fox would air these episodes sporatically throughout the year to wet our appetite until next summer. Seriously, the no age limit is hysterical. I'd so tune in...

It looks like there is going to be a lot of dancing tonight. A good amount of grandstanding is also in order as each contestant picks their favorite dance as well as the routine of each Judge's choice. First up:

Benji’s Fave: Shocker, it's the Cousin Heidi Mambo. As usual, an incredible routine but I do have to ask... was her hair falling out or was her I Dream of Jeannie look on purpose? Don't get me wrong, she's rockin' it and now that she's standing in front of Cat and the Judges I realize it's on purpose. OH MY GOD, HEIDI’s BREAST IS HANGING OUT! It’s like a piece pressed salami with some glitter sprinkled on top! Poor girl.

Angel & The Mambokats - Horizontal Mambo - Black Mambo
“Black Mambo” by Angel and the Mambokats

Cousin Heidi’s Fave: Aw, Butt Bongos; fond memories. Of course Heidi's favorite was the Mia Michael's choreographed original cry-fest, The Bench Routine!!!!! Absoloves it!

I know I'm obsessing, but Cousin Heidi’s hair looks incredible at this length and with the new color...

Sorry, I've said it once so I'll say it again... I truly do love this routine. It’s so emotional and sexy in a sad desperate longing kinda way. It was a surprisingly great number when it first aired and it holds up today. Do you know how psyched I am that this is in the Tour? I might piddle.

"Calling You" by Celine Dion (not available on iTunes)

Natalie and Dmitry Perform: Did Mary just say that Nats and Sloth are bangin’? The dance was hot business. She kicked it into high gear, the feet were moving like lightening and their chemistry was delicious. It’s a real testament to Dmitry’s partnering skills.

Now, as I'm watching this with a crowd, I thought I'd give you a snippet of the commentary whizzing around the room during this whole routine: “They’re so bangin’” “I bet their both dynamite in bed…” “There’s Natalie’s f*ck me here tattoo...” Yeah, we had to watch the routine twice because we were too busy talking.

“Magalenha” by Sergio Mendes (not available on iTunes)

Ciara is about to perform. Food break! Hi, Lip Sync City much? Seriously, with my mouth full of pizza I could lip sync better than this girl. How on earth is this still allowed? If you can't sing live, don't sing at all. Seriously, it couldn't be more annoying. To all you kids out there that have downloaded her songs or purchased her albums... burn them. It's a disgrace that a performing artist can't perform live. Get her off the stage.

Ciara featuring Chamillionaire - Step Up - Get Up
“Get up” by Ciara

Donyelle’s Choice: Broadway? Really? Of all the incredible numbers she had with Benji, she picked Broadway? Is this a career turning move? A strategic last glimpse for Broadway producers? Hell, give her the job already... I'd go see a show with Donyelle in it.

More commentary:
"Could his pants be any tighter?" "Seriously, he won’t be able to have kids." “Yeah I was just gonna say – no reproducing” “Her hair and her earring just came off – They're all a mess tonight!” “Benji is a cartoon character...” “He’s a Midge too" (directed at Dan Karaty)

Original Broadway Cast - Hairspray - Original Broadway Cast Recording - You Can't Stop the Beat
“You Can’t Stop The Beat” from Hairspray

Ivan and Allison: Mia’s pick for Best Dance of the Season. Mia honey, it is a goose bump maker and a tear jerker... You all know this is MY FAVORITE Dance. It gave me chills once again. God it's good. Watching this routine I couldn't help but think that Mary may have been on to something. Allison does seem like a better dancer than the girls we have in the Top 4. Allison quite possibly was robbed. That's a sad thought, so here's a funny one...

GMMR (about her love Jailbait Ivan): “Look at his nips, I can see some body through that shirt… I need a moment.”

Annie Lennox - Diva - Why
“Why” Annie Lenox

Top 20 Dance: Y'all knew they couldn't do a best of night without this stellar Wade Robson routine! This version was so much better than the original! It seemed longer and so much more focused. Having all of the dancers on stage actually added to the horrific beauty of the piece.

I also have to say that having two routines in a row featuring Jailbait Ivan really allowed me to notice that he obviously has been working like a madman at refining his moves. He looks so polished now! Our baby all grows up!

Roisin Murphy - Ruby Blue - Ramalama (Bang Bang)
“Ramalama Bang Bang” by Roisin Murphy

Come back soon for Part 2
(give me a break folks, gotta work at some point)


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