"Celebrity Duets" Revealed

Lucy Lawless, Lea Thompson, Cheech Marin, Hal Sparks, Olympic gymnast Carly Patterson, Alfonso Ribeiro, Jai Rodriguez, and WWE champ Chris Jericho will pair with professional singers includes Brian McKnight, Belinda Carlisle, Peter Frampton, Macy Gray, Clint Black, Lee Ann Womack and Kenny Loggins, among others for "Celebrity Duets" over on Fox this fall.

Here's my question... will Lea call upon Howard for singing advice? Howard the Duck... remember that atrocity? Yeah, so do I and I still get the night sweats thinking about it.

Here's to Belinda Carlisle though! Love her and am glad to see her back in the spotlight.

Celebrity Duets begins August 29th


  • you have to promise never to mention "Howard The Duck" again. I swear I've just purged it from my memory. It popped up last week for some odd reason...nights sweats aplenty :)

    By Blogger journay2, at 8/15/2006 03:16:00 PM  

  • I don't understan why Lea would ask Howard the Duck for singing advices, she was the lead singer of the fake band.

    But I have to admit as a kid I loved the movie, granted I was too young to realized exactly what chick-on-duck would entale. And yeah, it hasn't stood the test of time, but what besides U2 and the A-Team has?

    By Blogger Scooter, at 8/15/2006 04:22:00 PM  

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