Monday's Links & Must See's...

- Wanna force someone to watch So You Think You Can Dance? As the summer winds down and the finale of SYTYCD is approaching, I think we should force fellow blogger ARIC to watch who wins Season 2. Click here to force Aric to Watch Travis Kick Some Ass! Right now Rockstar: Supernova is winning. COME ON FOLKS!

- Aaron Echoll's to Dance With The Stars... okay so Harry Hamlin actually. He'll don the shoes formerly filled by his Wife Lisa Renna for this coming season of Dancing With the Stars!

-GMMR has a Bill Maher contest!

- Eddie Cibrian Vanishes This Fall! Thank god he's still got that package from But I'm A Cheerleader! Blessed Be.

- Hurley's eating his way through your cell phone later this year!

- Wanna keep up on the week's biggest new music releases? Head on over to Scooter's pad and see what he's got to say about what "dropped."


  • Thanks for the plug, but I just got my hands on the Paris Hilton album so I hope a future review doesn't offend or disgust people although I'm still debating on whether to give it a listen or not. I know people say it's better than they expect but that is like after meeting Osama bin Laden prompting you toe think he's less evil than you thought (I fully hold the right to recycle that joke if I do decide to review the album).

    By Blogger Scooter, at 8/14/2006 04:41:00 PM  

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