- It's Wednesday and that means Michael Ausiello's got poop for us! Here are a couple tidbits on Veronica Mars and Lost.

Question: Two weeks without AA, and your comeback does not include Veronica Mars? In the words of Gob, come on! — Dominique
Ausiello: Maybe this'll make up for it. Rob Thomas conveyed to me the "most depressing casting news in the world" last Thursday. "Yesterday morning we had Michael McKean to play the dean [of Hearst College], which I was so excited about I was doing backflips. It made my day yesterday. And then I got the call last night that he had passed [on the role]. So, somewhere his agent got confused over the course of 12 hours. I'm such a huge fan of him, and he's exactly who we wanted to use. He was at the top of my list. That's a drag."

Question: Dude, that GG/VM Logan-crossover scoop? Best. Ever. Where am I sending you that case of Snapple? — Julie
Ausiello: Sure, now you want to send me Snapple. Where were you two weeks ago when I was lying on the floor of the Ritz Carlton twitching like Whitney in rehab. But I'm not bitter. And to prove it, I'm going to share with you what Rob Thomas had to say about the Oct. 24 crossover, which, as many of you pointed out, isn't technically a crossover since Matt Czuchry isn't playing Logan Huntzberger on Mars. (Cue me rolling my eyes and making a "W" with my fingers.) "The network suggested it, as [happens with] many of these things. But it's one of those times that I'm happy about the suggestion. I'm excited that it's a real actor… rather than a Top Model — not that I think our Top Models have done a bad job." Rob confirms that Czuchry will play Charlie Stone, half brother of Mars' Logan (Jason Dohring), but that's all he'll confirm. "I want to save the rest of the show."

Question: What can you tell us about the role Kiele Sanchez will be playing on Lost? — Volko
Ausiello: All I know is that her name is Nikki and she'll be a love interest for Rodrigo Santoro. I suspect — and this is just me speculating — she'll be one of those background survivors we have yet to formally meet.

- GMMR's got a pimp for my AIDS Ride and also another charity bike event that a certain member of The Office is participating in.

- If all the broadway on SYTYCD has given you chills that are multiplying, simmadowna because NBC is launching
"You're The One That We Want" a talent show to find Broadway's next Danny and Sandy for a reprisal of Grease! Loves it! (Zap2it)


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