So You Think You Can Dance
Competition Show

August 2, 2006

OMG I didn’t watch this until 7am this morning. No voting, nothing. It's a long story that involves construction, a blister, and a doll named Dottie. You don't want to know. I am so turning into the worst fan ever! Do you understand that trauma I'm having because I seriously am sitting here worrying that Travis and Donyelle are going home because I couldn't make my votes. You know, 'cause it all hinges on my votes. I'm so important and all. Uh-huh...

Okay, look at CAT! She’s so summery, like the heat just got to her, she threw her hair up and decided to go to work. Love her!

Let's get right down to it shall we. Ivan picks Natalie – Their 2 routines: Contemporary and Jive. First up, Jive with Ron Montez. Both dancers look like they were beaten, raped, and tortured... could they BE more tired and out of it in this rehearsal video? Wow. They look like they haven’t slept in a month. Well, they probs haven’t.

They started out with incredible energy and lightning movements. Nigel pointed out that Ivan slowed down as the routine went on, and I rewatched it. By routines ending they did slow up. It fizzled. Hate to say it, but it did. Regardless, there totally was chemistry and entertainment.

Mia: “It felt like fake fun” Wow. Natalie: “I thought we were having a darn good time.” Me too sister!

John Mayer - Cars - Route 66
“Route 66” from the film Cars (John Mayer)

Travis’ Solo! Look, he’s on his hands and knees… I’m so not going there. It’s slow and calculated; seems very technical and planned. It's not showy or flashy but its very Travis! Look, he just pulled up his shirt to reveal a mustard yellow BEDAZZLED “Tempo-o1” Victoria’s Secret Second Skin undershirt that was so tight I saw his kidneys.

And see, say what you will, but Cat is great fun… Come on folks, she pretended like she was going to pull her dress up! That’s funny. Host made Funny!

Lifehouse - Lifehouse - You and Me
“You and Me” by Lifehouse

Benji reaches into Cat’s Hat and pulls… you guessed it Donyelle! Benjelle is Back! Their two picks for routines: Hip-Hop and Broadway.

First up, Broadway with Tyce Diorio. Tyce just summed up what most of America has felt all along: “Hello, and welcome to the Benji and Donyelle Show!” Ain’t that the truth Ruth? Before I start can I just say that his KFed Chin Strap facial hair needs to go. It’s called a razor, you know... the thing that you already use for the rest of your face; just keep moving down the cheekbones to the jawline next time – thanks…

Austin Powers and Foxy Cleopatra… Abosloves the name; don’t absolove the routine. Maybe its because Benji was in the hospital (what's with the no mention of that?), maybe its because I was caught up in Foxy's pink fringe but there was something off this week. There were hands movements missed, feet out of sync. This was not the Benjelle we're used to. The music just had so much potential for sexy hotness and it was missing.

Donyelle looks amazing though in that updated Flapper dress with gangsta headband; I can only assume her gang would be called The Pink Ladies! That’s hot.

Julie Andrews - Victor / Victoria - Le Jazz Hot
“Le Jazz Hot” from Victor/Victoria

Natalie’s solo was a little less angst this week and a little more fun! I will say this though, I am a little sick of her toe points and mannequin hand movements. She’s fun but if I’m being honest, its nothing we haven’t seen before from her. Love the song though.

Goldfrapp - Ooh La La - Single - Ooh La La
“Ooh La La” by Goldfrapp

Travis picks Cousin Heidi Ho. The routines this week: Pop and Slow Waltz. The Waltz is being choreographed by Ron Montez (who I'm loving more each week). Very slow and beautiful until Travis tripped over his own foot. Seriously, he tripped over his own foot. I replayed it like 4 times. He lifts her, does a dip, walks her around, trips over his own foot and gracefully carries on. Besides the trip, this is the best routine from the 3 couples so far.

Can I ask a question, why do they always put Cousin Heidi in electric blue? Is it her “signature color”? I’m over the blue if you’re asking. Also annoying me – Cousin Heidi’s “Thank You’s" to the choreographers. I’m glad she’s gracious and excited but she often just screams it out mid sentence. It’s an editing issue as well. We know they give the contestants time to talk; we know they usually cut the personal stories that go along with the emotion brought to the routine. So how is it that Heidi and her “Thank You's” make the cut? Hows about a little more personal time from each contestant? Just thinking outloud here. If I was onstage thinking outloud Heidi would have just cut me off to thank Ron Montez. Yeah.

Now, I have to say something and it’s not going to feel good for any of us… Heidi ruined Travis with this waltz; she danced circles around that boy! And you know typing that pained me to no end. PAINED ME!

Avalon & Cait Agus Sean - Voice of Comfort - Celtic Songs of Love & Life - Flying
“Flying” by Cait Agus Sean

Ivan’s solo is to a Wade Robson song? Um, the last choreographer to "work" a song was Carmen Electra and we know how that turned out. Before that was Straight Up Paula Abdul – that worked for a while, but Wade… come on. I missed half the routine because I was stunned by this choice of “music”. Rewind.

This kid has amazing abilities. I know right now that GMMR is wishing he would use some of them on her. Jailbait.

“It Was All In Your Mind” by Wade Robson (couldn't find on iTunes)

Benji and Donyelle’s second routine is Hip-Hop choreographed by Shane Sparks. Benji just told us that similarly to dogs and their owners, dance partners start to look alike as well. Donyelle’s face said it for me… Are those Percocets warping your mind Benji?

Donyelle starts on the stairs, Benji’s across the stage on the other stairs and I kinda wish they would stay that way. This was Donyelle’s routine. It was a woman’s song; empowerment and attitude – he was her puppet.

Let’s face it too, you can’t compete with that ass of hers. When they turned around and did their bootie pops, little children were thrown from their mother’s arms in the wake! It was amazing. Her ass rules! I don’t know what the judges will think but I say, Donyelle’s routine all the way. She overpowered white boy Benji without a doubt.

Nigel thought they danced it well, but you could tell by his lack of enthusiasm that he didn’t care for it. Mary said Benji has a “backbone, a wishbone, and the funny bone” – thanks for that Mary. Couldn’t you just scream or something. Mia nailed it though; She called Benji’s “hood” face out! He couldn’t be farther from the Hood out there in Mormon Utah. Then Mia said the best thing of the night. She wanted to start a coalition with Donyelle… The Big Butt Dance Coalition! Love it!

Ciara - Goodies - Hotline
“Hotline” by Ciara

Shocker, Cousin Heidi’s doing a Latin routine… in BLUE! Oy with the Blue. She worked it out though. She’s so comfortable out there in her own style; you could see it, she played with the audience and mouthed the words while writhing around. It’s a fun solo but is it polished enough to count as a Top 4 solo? Only time will tell.

The Blackout Allstars - Total Dance Explosion - I Like It
“I Like It” by The Blackout Allstars

Natalie and Ivan’s Contemporary was choreographed by Chin Strap. Last time Ivan worked out Contemporary was with Allison in that breathtaking “Why” routine. Let’s see… Okay, I don’t love the routine but I do love Ivan doing Contemporary. Can he please do some Contemporary training? He just looks so grown up and emotional during Contempoary and I would love to see him perfect it.

When I announced the spoiler couples the other day I knew this coupling was the one the judges would tear apart. They were very critical on Natalie tonight. And possibly even more so of Ivan. For the second time Mia called their emotions and movements false and contrived. I guess I see it. I don’t know. I just feel bad when they are so blatant in their commentary. Forcing the hand of America is one of Nigel and Simon's strong suits.

Cascada - Everytime We Touch - Everytime We Touch
“Everytime We Touch (Yanou’s Candlelight Mix)” by Cascada

Benji’s solo was a little cartoony, no? Come on people, he barely showed technique and instead went for a crowd-pleaser… which is fine but similarly to his Cousin, is it a Top 4 routine? I don’t think so. He seemed to do a throw-away performance because he knows he’s the front runner in this competition.

Jackie Wilson - Jackie Wilson: 20 Greatest Hits - Reet Petite
“Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want to Meet)” by Jackie Wilson

On the plus side, they showed a teen boy in the audience chanting Benji’s name and that’s cute!

My favorites are showing in my critiques aren’t they? Don’t get me wrong, it was entertaining…

Heidi and Travis walk in to Wade Robson! Hollah! I expect big things!

Okay, I don’t get IT but I do love it. This routine especially shows that Travis is easily the one to beat in this competition. His control and expression are incredible in this primal dirty roots routine. Cousin Heidi (in the blue again – seriously folks) was so powerful as well! It’s the routine to beat but noone else will agree because it’s so out there. I don’t know that Middle America is ready for this style… which is Pop I just realized. Wait, was this POP? Who cares; LOVED IT. Plus I think Simba just walked across my living room floor. Simba's cute. I like cats.

Zap Mama - A Ma Zone - W'Happy Mama
“W’happy Mama” by Zap Mama

Donyelle’s solo is to one of my favorite Broadway songs EVER! I know, that’s so gay of me and I am not a showtunes gay by any means… this is just a great powerful song! Too bad that Beyonce is going to ruin it on film soon, but whatevs. Maybe Idol’s Jennifer Hudson sings it in the movie? I don’t know. Wait, Donyelle’s performing. Whoops, sorry folks.

It was a Natalie routine by Donyelle and this is what I needed from her this week! I needed to feel her dancing. I needed to know she could pull out something more raw and emotional. She did! It was gut wrenching to watch! At the end she looked spent. Did she hurt her foot again or was she just feeling the emotions? She is dazzling and I love her!

Jennifer Holliday - Dreamgirls - And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
“And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” from Dreamgirls (Original Broadway Cast)

God there are only 6 of them standing on that stage with Cat. It doesn’t seem possible that next week is our “performance finale.” What is a performance finale? Does that mean that the following week is the Finale Finale? As in head to head?

Top Dancers:
My BF Travis Wall
Cousin Heidi

Going Home:

*sorry it took so long to get the posting up folks!


  • Just for clarification. You said:
    "He couldn’t be farther from the Hood out there in Mormon Utah"

    Benji's not from Utah, but from California. So, you should have said:
    "He couldn’t be farther from the Hood out there in Mormon California"

    Which is still about as far from the hood as you could get(next to Mormon Idaho).

    Also, I can't believe you mentioned Benji's booty. How could you watch Benji with Donyelle going at it?

    By Anonymous techie, at 8/03/2006 11:59:00 AM  

  • It was so weird seeing only 6 dancers on stage for the opening credit-thing! Next week will be so empty...well, it won't be if Travis is still there!

    (The henna tatoos killed me, he has an amazing nec!k)

    Great review, once again. What a great way to start my day :)

    By Anonymous Marie, at 8/03/2006 12:07:00 PM  

  • They're all somehow from Utah. But yes Techie, I stand corrected!!! Thanks for posting here. I welcome all new readers.

    As for Benji's bootie, I had to rewatch it like 5 times because I was sure her ass was moving so fast his was in slo-motion!

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 8/03/2006 12:25:00 PM  

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