Correspondents Needed!

Calling All Readers...

Correspondents Needed! There are a few fall shows that I unfortunatly will not have time to recap or watch on a timely fashion so I was wondering if there were any readers out there that can match wits with the Duckster interested in writing a weekly column, recap, opinion piece on some of the following shows or nights.

Right out of the gate I have to throw Prison Break out there. It pains me but I have to give it up. I am now working part-time Monday nights and as the fall schedule is so insane, it would be great to have one of you take a stab at ripping apart the plot holes, loose plausibility, and hotness that is Wentworth Miller.

Really any Monday night shows as I won't be home until Midnight every Monday... that is except for HEROES - that one's mine.

Also on tap:
*So You Think You Can Dance Tour Diaries! - If you're attending a tour date (see below) then let me know and you can fill some space here on duckyxdale.


  • Hey Ducky, I was planning on watching Vanished since I love Gale Harold from Queer as Folk (he's hot) and I think the Senator's wife has great hair. Not sure if others would be into it, but it's on Monday nights and I could do a recap for it. Let me know - I watch lots of other stuff too :)

    By Blogger boredom blogger, at 8/16/2006 02:12:00 PM  

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