Studio 60 "The Long Lead Story"

Sting's "Fields of Gold" plays a mellow harmony in the background as high atop the studio Matt and Harriet share a moment, a moment that blew me away with its subtlety, passion, and emotion while still staying true to the characters...

Harriet (taking his suit coat in her hands):
"You knock my socks off"

Perfection. Perfection folks. It was a moment that could go unnoticed but it was the moment that pushed this show past the fast paced world we've been introduced to. A moment that actually solidified this show as must-see tv.

Okay, so there were two moments last night that made Studio 60 Must-See TV. The second being Harriet's reluctant heart to heart in her dressing room to Vanity Fair reporter Martha O'Dell (the always amazing Christine Lahti). As she talked about her Mother and becoming both a Comic and a Christian at the exact same moment, Sarah Paulson held my attention like never before. There was this sadness mixed with joy in her story and in her face that they didn't pull back from making it an extrememly intimate yet intense moment that actually almost brought a tear to my eye. Sarah Paulson is a God!

So let's talk a minute about all the reviews I keep reading and all the speculation out there about Matt's supposed "wonderboy of comedy" status and how the skits on Studio 60 are not really all that funny. Well, for one I disagree with many out here on the web that thought the Pirates of Penzance skit wasn't funny. I found it incredibly self aware and witty. I appreciate the level of hypocracy they point out in Harriet's character and that she can make fun of herself and still find those that are way out there to be freaks. It was a funny song.

In general though, I don't think that the skits we see play out are meant to be funny for us. They exist for the most part in a world of recurrance and similarly to those on MadTV or SNL they get funnier by familiarity. Within the paradigm of the show I get that they are funny (the audience seems to love them so go with it folks... it's fictional television) and that's all that should matter. We're not getting a full representation of Matt's abilities because that is not the focus of the show.

It's not a sitcom; its not about nailing the joke, it's about the process of running a show, the politics involved, the networks, the studios, the audiences, the cast... every detail that goes in to producing art. That's where the show excels.

God I wish more people would watch this show. It's quite brilliant.


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