Grey's Anatomy "What I Am"

Before I can go into specifics about the show I have to share my favorite moment of this week's episode, the stellar "What I Am." Aside from KHeig giving yet another performance of a lifetime, Izzy's shining moment came in those last few seconds of the show. George (heartbreaking btw how he went to Izzy's side) holds her hand as Izzy calls and listens to Denny's message; when he lets go he looks inside the envelope that Big Denny gave Izzy in Joe's he finds a check for $8,700,000 is sitting in that envelope. Now I know what you're thinking... Ducky loves him some money.

Um, no I loved the fact that it never once crossed Izzy's mind to tell George about the money. That's wasn't the news, that wasn't why she needed him. The urgency and the need was for her to call and listen to Denny's dying words because that was the only thing that mattered. It never even crossed her mind to tell George about it because it just was insignificant at the time. Amazing character trait for Isabelle Stevens. Amazing. Now, if that was me... child please. I would have called every fool I knew to brag about that check. I'd be jumping for joy, kicking old women out of rockers, and spiking babies like a football with JOY! One of the many reasons I won't be winning a compassion award anytime soon.

The Meredith pregnancy scare was thankfully just that a scare. She actually had appendecitus but before we found that out we had to endure some funny "Meredith Might Be Preggers" scenes -- from Christina yelling it out in the pit to Derek overhearing to Bailey's reaction to everyone's reaction and finally to Addison's kick in the gut reaction. That woman has endured quite the amount of mudslinging and I'm ready for her to move on! Seriously with the vomiting shots... coulda done without.

Prior to having the last shreds of the heart ripped out and thrown across the floor, Addison (and the rest of the cast) learned of Mark aka McSteamy's new role at Seattle Grace.

"Oh My God"
"Oh My God"
"Oh My God"
George: "Is that..."
Christina: "McSteamy..."

It sent shockwaves through the halls as Addison, Derek, The Chief, and McSteamy had to deal. Okay so the shockwaves were the jackass on oxygen that thought it would be a good idea to smoke resulting in a really bad CGI combustion but whatevs...

I loved the tension that was created instantly when Mark walked through Seattle Grace. The decision on behalf of the hospital makes sense but good god did it cause a stir. Well, a bigger stir because the whole wing just learned Meredith might be pregnant with McDreamy's baby. Addison loses her shit leading to this confrontation between her and Derek.

Addison: "An adulterous love child..."
Derek (breezing by McSteamy): "Goes along with an adulterous sociopath"

I can't wait to see how this plays out!

Addison let the news of Meredith and the realization that Mark isn't leaving get the better of her. She let an overbearing and idealistic patient dictate how she did her job and she just gave up on Karev. The best moment was when Bailey looked at her and said: "Since when do you leave the room?" She's not one to give up and be pushed around (at heart) and the last year has beaten her down emotionally; she couldn't handle it any longer and she was becoming a shell of her former self. Bailey's talk kick started what will sure be a fast recovery though...

Can I ask a question though, why are Addison and Karev at each others throats so much? I get that he didn't think Ob/Gyn was a real profession and they started off on quite shakey ground but it's almost been a year. Is there something else I missed? Is anyone else hoping to see them get it on? Their hatred and attitudes for each other could lead to some slammin' love scenes. Who's with me?

Alright, while I'm still on Addison... Her best moment of the night was when she walked by Meredith's room and heard her name called out. Just what she needed, right? Hells to the No!

Addison: "You bellowed Dr. Grey?"
Meredith: "Hi"
Addison: "You certainly are..."

AHAHAHAHAHAAHA! Even after all the drama of the day, she still has a sense of humor. Meredith's all cracked out on painkillers but the two share an incredibly heartfelt moment in this scene. One that actually brings both women to well up (and along with them... me). What an amazing scene folks! So many things needed to be said between them and I love that this was the only way they could express them... with Meredith doped up and probably unable to remember any of this in the morning! Broke my heart... I love that Addison can still be the better person.

Oh and what about when she told McDreamy to not break Meredith's heart again? Fugedaboutit! Okay so I admit it... I LOVE ADDISON MONTGOMERY SHEPHERD!

What else? What else?

I'm still over Burke and Christina. Though I have to admit he did warm up to me a little last night with his vulnerable yet wise "he shouldn't have cleared me" moment... that is until the ending. WTF was that all about? He calls Christina out (which was amazing) saying how she loves Burke the surgeon not Burke the person... She doesn't deny it and then they both decide to hide the fact that Burke's still having tremors? It's the equivalent of Michael J. Fox doing surgery but Christina's willing to overlook the horrific ramifications it could have on a patient and the hospital. It's fine. Wha-wha-wha-WHAT?

Callie, my adorable Callie. I loved her angry, make George sweat moment in the beginning! She's one fierce diva and I love that she knows how to work a man over. "I still have some secrets O'Malley and if you come to my room I just might show you one or two of them..." Um, way hot!

Girl, you said you were bad and I guess now we know just how bad you can be. I know my girl didn't just take McSteamy back to her hotel room! Holla! You know what... Good because seriously George is OOC (out of control, if you're like 90). I get that he had to go home for Izzy and I'm glad he did but when a woman like Callie asks you just exactly who she is to you, and you don't even respond... after weeks of not telling her you love her... it's just something you're asking for dude. Not that it doesn't sadden me though because I love Callie and George together and I truly think she loves and worships him. This is a revenge move and one she's more than willing to make but it still makes me sad.

Oh and I almost forgot... Christina christened another McName... "McBaby" Loves it.

I love this show and I'm glad it's in a ratings war for the Top Spot on Thursday nights. It's time someone knocked CSI down a peg.


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