Grey's, Ugly Betty, and Battlestar Scoop

So it's Wednesday and Michael Ausiello brings us all of our TV gossip and news today. I of course bring you the content that makes me giddy. Today we have casting news and scoop on Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, and Battlestar Galactica.

Grey's Anatomy:
- Apparently they've been in Seattle this past week filming some on location scenes. Addison was spotted on a ferry (and you know she hates ferries) throwing her wedding ring overboard! Good for you girl.

- Burke, McDreamy, and The Chief go camping in episode 3.07. Let's hope Burke and McDreamy aren't throwing fists by that point!

- It appears that this week is McVet's last. Sad.

- Lastly, Patrick Dempsey told an airline attendant in Seattle that this Thursday's episode is "dark". I don't know what that means, but I love dark!

Ugly Betty:
- Casting News! The always amazing and adorable Christopher Gorham will be working with Betty over at Mode. Is this a new crush? God I hope so. I do love me some Harrison, er I mean Joe! He's a player player!

Battlestar Galactica:
- Though the numbers were down slightly for the premiere of Season 3, it's not low on incredible talent, storylines, and frakkin' scary moments! Episode 2 appears to be about babies, babies, and more babies. Sharon and Helo's half-breed (how many of you just broke into Cher?) has some issues and Starbuck's supposed half-breed brings out "killer maternal insticts" (please Gods, let her kill that thing).

- Edward James Olmos' character Admiral Adama has a wife! Well, she's dead if I'm not mistaken but they cast Lucinda Jenney in the role. Apparently a flashback episode will dig deeper into why Bill Adama is who he is today.

- And finally and about frakkin' time... Lee Adama will start to work off some of that hideous weight he's gained! A sigh of relief is heard across the colonies.


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