Tube Talk Girl Chats with Veronica Mars' Sheriff Lamb

So if you find that you love to hate Veronica Mars' Sheriff Don Lamb then head on over to Jennifer's site, Tube Talk and read her exclusive interview with Michael Muhney.

Here's a sneak peek:

Jennifer: After previewing this interview at Tube Talk, the most popular question I received from readers was, "Is anyone going to be 'on the Lamb'" this year, i.e. is Madison coming back for round two, or has the Sheriff moved on to college girls? (Ducking and hoping that Michael isn't offended and really doesn't carry a gun in real life.) What can I say? Tube Talk readers are an inquisitive bunch.

Michael: There might be one or two "on the Lamb" but you'll have to wait and find out. Don't worry. If you're wondering if Lamb gets some, he does, probably just not enough.

Jennifer: What was up with Madison Sinclair going "on the Lamb" last season? No offense, but she doesn't exactly seem like the type of girl to go for anyone making less than seven digits. Did she have any outstanding parking violations in her record that needed clearing up or something related?
Michael: She caught wind of the rumor of Lamb and his …proportions. A tryst is a tryst.

To read the entire interview click here.


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