America's Next Top Model "The Girl Who Joined The Circus"

I'm so happy I don't date women because if Top Model has taught me nothing it's that girls dem be krazy! The insane thermometer broke last night when Melrose tried to show all the Model contestants just exactly how crazy she truly is. Not only did she try to monopolize and pimp herself with Fashion Icon Twiggy during dinner but she also is the most selfish and insecure girl of the bunch. The second she see's that another girl can do something as good or even better than her, she rips that girl apart and then shuts down... she seriously goes mental. She tells Anchal to her face that she never thought Anchal could be so flexible and tried to disguise it as Melrose being down on herself. Bitch please, you were trying to ruin the girl because she did a better job than you did at Extreme Posing. Sulking and pouting followed and ended in the best moment on Top Model yet!

Melrose Being Tyra! I know that Ms. Nutters didn't try to show all the girls the difference a smile can make in your performance. Who does she think she is? The brilliance was that she actually did an exact Tyra comparison. "There's this and then there's this. Do you see the difference a slight smile makes in my face?" I half expected AJ to jump across the room and beat her down!

Speaking of AJ, is anyone else extremely afraid of this girl? She was a little too into the whole Cannibal thing. Wow, that picture rocks though. She's still in my Top Girls.

Before I get to the best of the best, can we talk for a second about the Judges ripping a contestant apart for something they A) wouldn't know and B) should be told by the director or photographer? During judging, Tyra rips one of the twins a new ass for the angle her head was at and how it reacted with the light... making her extremely waifish face look "swollen". She can't see where the light is hitting her chin. She can't tell if its making her face look fat and like she has no jawline. If the Director of the shoot or the photographer notices this, they should be directing the model to readjust. Plus, they're amateur models, they don't know all the tricks yet. THAT PISSES ME OFF!

Wait, how about Twiggy thinking Jaeda's abs were real? HAHAHA! That made me laugh so hard; not as hard as Melrose doing Tyra but still had me rolling.

Heading home last night was Naima wannabe Megg. If I was her, I'd be rip-shit that my last photo is not only hideous but depicting me as a bearded lady. Oh it's quite simply the most horrific photo we've seen in seasons. So gross. You judge for yourself (when blogger decides to let me upload a photo today).

Alright, the best of the best. This week the judges picked CariDee as the winner with her Elephant Girl Circus shoot. It's a great picture and the way she's straddling that car is provocative yet still a tasteful and fashion pose. I don't know if I love it more than the Cannibal shot though. There's something about AJ on film that is magnetic. In person she's a little cold and plain but damn do her photos look simply incredible. As it stands, my two to win it are CariDee and AJ. If the twins can learn how to walk they could also give these girls a run for their money.

*for some reason blogger photos aren't working right now. Pics to come


  • I'm so glad Megg is gone!

    I missed the show last night because it was on at the same time as Lost (canucks get the show earlier! yay!) but I watched it on youtube just to understand your blog ;)

    By Anonymous marie, at 10/12/2006 03:00:00 PM  

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