Brothers & Sisters - My Favorite Brother

Matthew Rhys where have you been all of our television viewing years? Sure you are from Whales, sure you've done some films but have I seen your body of work before this series? I've not... well at least not knowingly. He was in Titus and I saw that in a film class but who knew he was such a funny yet strong force on screen? Not me that is until now.

I'm officially announcing my favorite character on Brothers & Sisters as Kevin Walker... and please at least hook up with the quirky yet surprisingly stable Scotty. In last night's episode alone there were some swoon worthy moments; from his always there in a pinch son to the incredibly bitter banter with the homophobe Country Clubbers to the always awkward interaction on the street with Scotty and finally to the enraged speech about not always wanting to be his Mother's go to guy, Matthew Rhys nailed it. I officially have a new TV Crush.

Oh, and one of the best lines on television yet this season came from him last night:

"They're just too young to understand the pleasures of spitting in someone's mouth."

Greg Berlanti you are a dirty bird and that's why we love ya!


  • haha. Publicly I was saying Im watching for Greg Berlanti, Rachel Griffiths and half the cast of Alias but secretly I stuck to this show because of Kevin Walker.

    By Blogger vance, at 10/16/2006 09:41:00 AM  

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