I Literally Almost Ran Into Laguna's Stephen A Minute Ago...

So much drama! I was walking out of International Place here in Boston to meet a friend for lunch when I seriously came about a half inch from running face to face into Laguna Beach's Stephen Colletti. I stopped, did a double take and watched him scan the atrium. He was obviously looking for someone he knew. He looked exactly like he does on television; pretty but smug, like the bitch knows he's pretty. Hate that.

He is apparently in the area filming a movie with Joan of Arcadia's Amber Tamblyn.
Normal Adolescent Behavior which is filming in Wirwick, RI. which is not that far from Boston so it really must have been Stephen. I now know for sure that I am TEAM KCAV!

It took place at the corner right by Lindt Chocolate (click on pic to enlarge).


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