So You Think You Can Dance
Couplings/Routine Spoiler!

If you do not want to find out who ends up coupled together and what style of dance they will be performing on Wednesday, July 19th, please leave now.

last chance...

I warned you...

  • Travis/Heidi will be dancing Contemporary and the Paso Doble
  • Ivan/Martha will be dancing Hip-Hop and an unspecified routine
  • Ryan/Allison will be dancing Contemporary and an unspecified routine
  • Benji/Natalie will be dancing Jazz and Hip-Hop
  • Dmitry/Donyelle will be dancing Salsa and an unspecified routine

*7/16: Update: According to a poster at, the dances are as follows:

  • benji and natalie - jazz & hip hop
  • dmitry and donyelle - salsa & lindy hop
  • travis and heidi - contemporary & paso doble
  • ivan and martha - hip hop & smooth waltz
  • ryan and allison - broadway & contemporary
Notice, I do not have a guarantee that these are the routines at all. This is just the rumor I've spotted and wanted to pass along. Do not shoot the messenger.


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