So You Think You Can Dance
Competition Show
July 12, 2006

"Why" did the ever increasingly unstable but semi-lovable Mary Murphy cry last night? Because it hurt so good and looked even better! Ivan and Allison ladies and gentleman:

Hands down, that was the most moving performance I've seen yet on this show. Sure it may have had a lot to do with the music and mood it created, but both Ivan and Allison were flawless in this performance. He was flowing, lean, and long; she was more in her element than we've seen all season and together they just created this heartbreaking performance. Did I cry like crazy Mary? No, but I did rewatch the performance 5 times before moving on. Wow! They got my vote 3 times - and on the voting note, they need to get on the text messaging tip. 888-TEMPO-03 is hard to remember y'all.

Okay, lets rewind and start back at the beginning. What time is your shift over up on the Res Cat? Last night, she was Cherokee Cat with her Native American stylings. The many faces of Cat Deely.

First up, Natalie and Musa who pull Hip-Hop (sorry Musa, no Riverdance) out of Cat's hat.
Choreographer/Grumpy Judge Dan Karaty put Nat and Musa through the ringer this week but she didn't care - she had everlasting gobstopper boots on (available at Steve Madden's Wonka Store). For all of those folks out there complaining week to week that Musa doesn't have the skills needed, that was not the case last night. My man rocked with his spring like floor movements and his acrobatics! It was unfrakkingbelieveable! Mary called it a "strike out" - a strike out is the last facelift she had because it looks like her face is melting. Apparently Teri Hatcher and Mary Murphy have the same skin butcher. Brian Friedman, most gay boys stop playing with their eccentric grandmother's costume jewelry by age 10 - what's with the necklace already?

Second, Cousin Heidi and Forgettable Ryan with their Jean Marc Genereux Cha-Cha routine. I
n the rehearsal reel we find out that Cousin Heidi knows JMG from dance competitions and that Ryan (shocker) has never seen the Cha-Cha in his life. Someone please tell me how he's not going home tonight... Cousin Heidi quickly takes over and becomes Cha-Cha (the best dancer at St. Bernadettes... with the worst reputation) and Forgettable Ryan seems to take offense to her chameleon-like ways and attention paid to her by JMG.

Forgettable and Now Jealous Ryan: "Heidi wasn't really working with me, she was working with Jean Marc the whole time. I was like in the back looking at their feet, getting confused with the feet, and like looking at them move. Yeah, she's great, a great partner"

Did he just slam Cousin Heidi? Snap. You know what Ryan, when you can meld and move to any style lik
e Cousin Heidi can, come back and let us know. Heidi is just amazing to watch with her swivels, leg extensions, and that killer bod. I barely even noticed Ryan (once again) in part because the camera again focused more on Heidi than Ryan but that's because like the rest of us, the camera operator forgot he was even there. She's so charismatic and commanding on the stage that her lesser partner is lost in the scenery.

Allison and Ivan as you know pulled out the best piece this season and they did it without fault. Tyce Diorio should be hugged, kissed, and then forced to teach all the viewers the same dance and intensity. Now, I wish everyone would stop with the whole "Mary said Allison could win this whole thing" crap... yes, Allison could win this competition but coming from Mary it's like Paula Abdul saying phone beating girlfriend Scott Savol could have won Idol.

Ashlee and Dmitry are about to do a Pop routine choreographed by the yet to be deemed worthy Dan Karaty. Why is Dmitry's shirt on? Why is it buttoned? Does he not know we only tune in to watch his chest? Dan's worried about Dmitry's stiffness (hehe). I don't care what anyone says, I really like the Ashlee/Dmitry coupling. She brings out this playful side that we never saw with his first two partners. Her hair was straight out of the Valley Girl dance party and Dmitry could have been hiding in her shower with that running mascara (if you don't know the reference, please rent the movie - it's amazing).

My BF Travis Wall and So I Think She Can't Dance Martha are next with the Fox-Trot! Last week I was annoyed with my BF (no, not for not calling me) but for not slicking his hair down when the routine called for it. Apparently more people got on him about it because tonight he came out looking quite debonair with his slicked hair and suit vest. The routine was elegant and smooth. They both glided across the floor as if on glass and it was quite previous though I worry it was forgettable. I won't mind if they are in the bottom 3 this week if only to get Martha out!

Last and never least was Benji and Donyelle who would be working it marathon style to Tyce's Broadway routine. If this was a lesser couple, I would have thought that the choice of music (the uber-popular Hairspray) was a wise one because people would vote on popularity/familiarity alone but with Benji and Donyelle's undying abilities they choice it because it matched their personalities! You know how week after week I allude to Benji's misdirected affections for Donyelle and how she often turns her head so his kisses land on her cheek? Well, last night she all but confirmed my suspicions (the girl knows and is smarter than that):

Donyelle: "Everything before was this romantic type thing but I think this time we have to show off our personal friendship."

Got that Benji? She's got your pink card in her back pocket and knows you can be nothing more than friends. Friends who sizzle on that dance floor! Sure the routine lacked technique but it was high energy and high entertainment. That counts for something. These two have nothing to worry about. The crowd loves them and Mary gave them a Straight-Jacket worthy SCREAM (seriously the biggest scream ever out of her melting mouth)! What I didn't love? That dress poor Donyelle wore. It's cut and foof made it look like Tracy Turnblad was really out there on the dance floor and unlike Rickie Lake, Donyelle is not a large kid. Nigel wants and thinks both of them should win this years competition and I can't disagree. How can we make that happen? A petition? A campaign where ballerina's around the world send the producers their old slippers? Think on it.

My Bottom 3 Couples:
Cousin Heidi and Forgettable Ryan
Ashlee and Dmitry
My BF Travis Wall and So I Think She Can't Dance Martha

Going Home:
Forgettable What's His Name and So I Think She Can't Dance.

*As always, visit for pics and videos.


  • YAY!! I was so anxious to hear your take on last night. I think I've watched Ivan and Allison about 20 times so far this morning.

    Ok, I'm going to say this and then run away like a little girl. I didn't love Donyelle last night. Benji just danced circles around her. I feel too often she gets a bit lazy with her hands and feet. Benji is so sharp that I think it shines a spotlight on her flaws.

    Oh and I am kind of over Martha too, but not more so than Ashlee.

    By Anonymous GMMR, at 7/13/2006 09:44:00 AM  

  • I was never into Martha and the only reason I think she might be saved this week is because they have never seen her do a solo and they might want to keep her around to see what she pulls off next week if they drop the couples dance.

    Donyelle, I love her and don't know if her toe injury is to blame, but her feet were way slopsville last night.

    I seriously cannot get enough of the Ivan/Allison routine, I too have watched a zillion times.

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 7/13/2006 10:07:00 AM  

  • I am annoyed with Brian Friedman. Clearly he thinks he is god's gift to the dance world. A few years back he was on tour with Sketchers - yes the footwear.

    By Blogger boredom blogger, at 7/13/2006 11:59:00 AM  

  • BB, the first time I read it I thought you said he was on tour with Skittles. How scary and sad would that have been?

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 7/13/2006 12:08:00 PM  

  • grr i wish you were right on who was going home.
    i miss musa. :'(

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/18/2006 03:09:00 PM  

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