Veronica Mars - Ep. 3.01 Has a Title!

According to, the first episode of Veronica Mars on newly christened The CW will be titled "WELCOME WAGON"! They are listing an air date of 9/19/06.

I've currently got emails out to my Warner Bros. contacts to confirm. I'll keep you posted.

*Update: I just spoke to my peeps at Warner Bros. and they couldn't confirm right now but would have more information after next Monday's TCA announcements. For those of you wondering what the hell this TCA is, its the Television Critics Association and lucky bastards like Ausiello, TVGal, etc. get to attend. I will keep you posted though after Monday!

Season 2 DVD Back Cover Art released...

Veronica Mars YouTube Escape...

It's summer but I'm abuzz with VMars today so I thought I'd give you a treat. Here's High School Musical's non-gay GAY Ryan (Lucas Grabeel) as closeted Kelly getting worked over by Weevil from the episode "Versatile Toppings"


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