So You Think You Can Dance
Competition Show
July 5, 2006

Is it Christmas in July? Cat Deely looks like a present! A tall blonde Barbie like present that my sister would find wrapped under the Xmas tree that would somehow go missing and end up naked in my Hovercraft - don't know how it got there Mom? Sorry. The big bow and sparkly teeth threw me off for a second.

I thought they were opening the show like they always do with unaired auditions or Judges favorites... little did I know that the first half hour was actually its own production. There were some amusing moments: Nick (Nigel's #1 Fan that Nigel hated, Shayna Fink who danced her last Tap [God remember the movie Taps, bawled my eyes out - plus it was like little gay boy porn - well that and Toy Soldiers], Gev who somehow managed to remove his obviously 'in the way' black jacket during a headspin - it was graceful and elegant - the girls of Top Model should wish for such modeling tips.

Then there were the quotes from Nigel:
"It was like a poster for
Wicked, and it was all sort of spidery... and Wicked!"
"If we put you in JFK airport there'd be planes landing everywhere..."

At 8:30 there they were again... the opening credits and the real show was beginning. Tivo didn't tell me that one... sneaky little Fox. Hello, right off the bat Musa and Dmitry have their shirts open - why they gotta tease?

Someone named
Lil C and The Neck Squad performed a Krump routine that resembled what the gang fights in West Side Story really should have been like. I will admit for as much as Mary annoys me - she entertains me more. Not since Paula have we had such unstable commentary and judging. Unlike Paula, Mary can scream out a full sentence using actual words that flow together. For example: "Let's just say that when I hang up my ballroom shoes, I'm gonna get my Krump on. That's right (*barking*)! Okay so the barking's not that normal...

First up: Cousin Heidi and Ryan with a Shane Sparks Hip Hop number. Being the whitest girl on earth, Cousin Heidi chose a character to perform as... Shadawn and Ryan went with Jaqueem. Call yourselves Frankie and Annette for all I care just dance that dance! Jaqueem and Shadawn started off a little rough but the second they hit the Robot, I was sold! Sadawn shook that booty like noones business then they both were electrocuted. God, if only that was the real ending to the Results show each week. Zap!

Next up, My BF Travis Wall and Martha with a Salsa routine choreographed by Ron Montez. Travis looked scared out of his mind when they picked Salsa from Cat's hat. Pre-preformance I was a nervous wreck. As you know, Travis is my favorite and that Martha is very untrustworthy on the floor. I get like this sometimes in the last 5 minutes of The Amazing Race - I work myself into this tense frenzy then I don't breathe until the team I'm rooting for lands on Phil's yellow mat! Regardless, the song starts and off they go! My BF Travis Wall has the cutest little tongue that sticks out every once in a while - love him. Though its not a killer performance, they worked their asses off and it showed. It was high personality, high energy, high asses, and damnit Martha's hair is large and in charge! Nigel critiqued Travis by saying: "Dare I say it needed to be a little more masculine?" Please, save it for Benji!

Dmitry and Ashlee are up and this could be ugly. In my head I've worked Dmitry into this dictator like persona that would instantly clash with the untrained Popper Ashlee. As the clip reel showed though, she loosened him up and they actually looked like they were having fun together! Brian Friedman choreographed an alternative Contemporary number about a Doll and a Circus Ringleader that brings her to life. He called it both "Powerful and Psychotic" (was he talking about Judge Mary Murphy?)... Never in my SYTYCD viewing days did I think I would say this about either contestant - Uneffin' Believable! There was so much personality and chaotic energy between them. Her doll-like movements and his powerful prowl set to Fall Out Boy's "Dance Dance" made for the most entertaining number of the night! Nigel began his critique with this zinger: "Well we already know Dmitry is a magician, he's made two of his partners disappear since the beginning of the season..." I doubt either is in jeopardy tonight! *if anyone stumbles across this video online please let me know

Hot Stuff Natalie and Musa somehow got Disco and managed to make it not only fun to watch but HOT HOT HOT BUSINESS on the floor! Those lifts? SICK! The airplane spin? AMAZING! These two continue to shine and melt our hearts week to week. If they had more chemistry, there'd be a nuclear meltdown. I absolove them both!

Crowd Favorites Donyelle and Benji this week pulled the Vietnamese Waltz, scratch that... the Vienesse Waltz. Choreographers Michael and Toni seemed a little offended that Donyelle couldn't pronounce the style of dance without first saying the word or variations there of 100x until she got it right. My favorite being the Vietnamese Fighting Waltz Choke Hold which you can use to subdue closeted Mormons. Call it whatever you want because these two once again DOMINATED THE COMPETITION! The place went insane because of their elegant, smooth, and beautiful Waltz. Sure she had a broken toe and Benji wasn't "masculine enough" - who cares because Benji and Donyelle are untouchable. It's performances like this that make me fear for My BF Travis Wall.

Ivan and HSM's Allison glided and swung to Ron Montez's West Coast Swing routine. Cue Vince Vaughn: "My baby all grows up!" These two are showing incredible improvement week to week and have adopted a quirky kind of grace to their partnership and though I don't know it will save them from the Bottom 3 or the Danger Zone - it's great to see their growth. It was a fun mix of hip hop and swing; they felt and danced the music instead of to the music. I do have to say though, that Ivan looked like a Soda Jerk or Texaco attendant from 1950.

This week, they saved the worst for last!
Jaymz and Jessica showed more personality this week in their Shane Sparks Hip Hop routine. She was much more animated in her clip reel but when they started dancing, the personality turned robotic and what started out hot quickly flamed out. Sure they didn't become the music and present an authentic performace but they did technically nail the routine. I didn't think Nigel and Dan were right to criticize them on that point because in weeks past they've given other couples a pass for the same scenario. It was Nigel's way of ensuring these two are in the Bottom 3 and one if not both of them going home tonight.

We are down to 7 couples America! With the exception of Jaymz and Jessica, its near impossible to put these incredible performers into the Bottom 3. After this week's results show we'll all be checking into Heartbreak Hotel because how can you send some of these guys home? Some of them are just incredible and if this Bottom 3 couples scenario plays out much longer we are in danger of losing some incredible solo artists!

Favorite Performance of the Night:
tie) Dmitry and Ashlee & Donyelle and Benji

Bottom 3 Prediction:
Jessica and Jaymz
Heidi and Ryan
My BF Travis Wall and Martha (*though my computer just blew up with my typing that)

*as always, check out and's Sabrina's pages for more on SYTYCD.


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