Big Brother All-Stars
The Top 20
July 6, 2006

So this is a long time coming as tonight, episode 2 aired but whatevs... you'll read it and you'll like it kiddies! It will be fast and choppy... Can you believe that there have been 75 BB contestants in the last 6 seasons? Seems almost impossible. So does the fact that there were 15 million votes cast for the Top 4 males and females to return and compete this season.

Top 4 Females:

Top 4 Males:
Hurricane Howie
Jase (I so demand a recount)

Within seconds of walking in the house, the shit-talking begins by Diane and somehow Nakomis feels insecure with all these "beautiful" women around. Deal.

Howie's right at home with the ladies or as he calls them, "All-Star Boobies!" I love Howie, he's such an odd character.

I think my favorite part of making the remaining 12 possible houseguests wait was Marcellas' panic attack: "I'm in shock... I am Americas Black Gay Sweetheart!" Yes you are darling, yes you are! I absolove Marcellas.

The remaining 6 contestants are revealed:
Mike Boogie
Chicken George

On of my first thoughts was that finally Janelle and Marcellas can be the best friends I know they were meant to be. Either that or those two bitches are going to take each other O-U-T!

Tiffs are flaring up all over the place; Will/Boogie against James and Kaysar. Marcellas against Danielle (which if being honest, made me instantly turn against Danielle - hate her now). Allison and Erika. Ladies, deal with your issues, who cares. It's a game, the point is not to make friends and drag each other through, its to WIN ALONE!

I can't even comment on "Snoop Chicken Foot" - I can't without somehow alienating a whole population of America.

HOH All-Star Style - Two HOH's each week will determine who is nominated. If they cannot come to a mutual decision, they will automatically become the two nominees. The competition seems dangers and is definitely dirty (poor Diane in her cute ass dress) - a 50lb meteor is thrown at you - last one standing in each of the two groups becomes joint HOH. After a rather funny competition, my girl Janelle and freaky hair plugs Jase are this weeks co-winners.

Within seconds of the competition being over, loud mouth in everyones business Danielle is plotting and scheming to get Jase to disagree with Janelle, forcing a certain elimination for one of the BB6ers.

In the end, it comes back to bite both her and Allison in the ass as Janelle and Jase nominate each for eviction. Take that twunts!

BB7's New Summer Schedule:
Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday's 8pm ET on CBS!


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