Big Brother All-Stars
Veto Competition
July 11, 2006

If you read my really late posting on last weeks premiere episode you'll know that I absohate Danielle. Now, if you search back further through my posts you might come across a posting where I mention that I not only liked Danielle but voted for her to return to this game. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Suri's captors actually had me at gunpoint to write that...regardless, I want her off my television screen with her smug ass commentary and stupid grudge against America's Gay Black Sweetheart.

Of particular annoyance tonight was Danielle's pompous comment to Allison:

Danielle: "When people label you as one of the smartest players..."

Allison: "You're Screwed!"

Danielle: "...You're screwed. People said I'm the smartest player to not ever win the game and here I am sitting nominated."

First off Danielle, "not ever" doesn't work and second, the only people telling you that horse shit are your family members and that little Christian boy you corrupted in Season 3. Bitch please.

Howie is OOC again and I encourage him from afar to continue as it makes me giddy! His man-love obsession with Will is brilliance and I want 3 more months of this homo-hero-worship! First he stares down the sweaty shirtless Will as he runs on the treadmill. This zinger soars:
Howie: "I keep thinking I'm in Six-Pakistan..."
Will: "Something is wrong with that kid!"

Next Howie ambushes Will in the backyard comparing him to Elvis and admitting his idolatry. Will's a little worried:
Will: "In real life you can get a restraining order against your stalker... I'm trapped in a house with Howie - and he's stalking me."

Later in the episode as Will enters the HOH room after the competition, Howie walks right over to Will
(mid-sentence) and kisses him on the cheek. Noone responds! NOONE, NOT EVEN WILL! It's amazing. It's Brokeback Big Brother!

If I have hatred for Danielle, I must also admit that Allison is already getting on my nerves and tonight crossed the line when she co-opted Howie's BB6 catchphrase "BUSTO" in reference to Janelle. No. You. Don't! Please, like her Star Jones slimmed down body should be talking about Janelle's hair and boobs. Steal Bo's thoughts while you're at it!

What else? Dumbass Chicken Snoop George couldn't find the diary room. Seriously buddy? I could walk into the house tomorrow and figure out where the Diary Room is. Chicken Corky's more like it. The Ghetto Slip & Slide got an All-Stars Upgrade! Too bad Ivette won't witness it. HEHE! Wait, she's a lesbian so she's probably better off not being tempted by the hot man on man action... sorry I was thinking of something else entirely (Probie and Roommate). I loved Marcellas' comment: "The idea of George mounting Howie almost made me straight... Gross." You can say that again.

Veto Competition:
This season they've changed up the Veto rules as well. Instead of the two HOH's, The Nominees, and two of the nominee's choice competing, this year the 2 HOH's, The Nominees and two other houseguests chosen at random will participate. Competition #1 is Dumpster Diving. After a nerve wracking first few minutes I thought Danielle was going to pull it out, but instead my girl Janelle did! She's such a good competitor and I'm so glad she's in the house again this year!

Veto Ceremony:
This thing flies by because Allison and Danielle both kiss her ass to save face - Janelle decides to not use the golden shower of veto and the animosity begins again!

Tune in Thursday night at 8pm for the first LIVE episode of the season! Who wants to wager on whether or not ChenBot has massive amounts of body glitter atop her as well?

Till then my friends, feel free to comment below.


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