• Per TVGuide via NYDailyNews:
    SPOILER ALERT for you Project Runway fans who get wrapped up in the B-story competition amongst the designer's models: According to the New York Daily News, 18-year-old Hungarian hottie Jia Santos will make a sudden exit from the catwalk towards Season 3's end because she fractured her skull and an eye socket when she was struck by a bus while bike riding in the Big Apple. "She was in critical condition for three days," her agent tells the News, "and she has been in intensive care for a month." Santos' departure will be explained in an episode airing later this season.
    Click here to see a pic (as not to completely spoil)
  • Today The Office webisodes begin over on The first two are already up! Please head on over to check them out. Also, head on over to GMMR, our Office guru, for some more great news and interviews of the cast.
  • Rescue Me renewed for a 4th season! Will season 4 have Probie getting anal? God lets hope.
  • TMZ has Heidi Klum talking about this season of Project Runway! I swear by tomorrow I will have a recap of last night's premiere up!


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