Sabrina from TVGuide pointed all of her SYTYCD bloggers to an article by the Raleigh News & Observer on Martha Nichols, last week's eliminated dancer. There is some great insight into Martha's tears (no Nigel's harsh comments and our blogging daggers didn't cause them).

A snipet:
RALEIGH - With all the matching orange shirts, you'd think a Clemson crowd had descended on the sports-themed Champps restaurant on this Wednesday night.

But look closer. These folks are here for Martha.

More than 100 strong ("a small crowd compared to what we usually get," one of them says), they don't just think Martha can dance. "We Know Martha Can Dance," the shirts read on back.
On this triumphant night, Martha Nichols, a graduate of Millbrook High School in Raleigh, can probably feel the love all the way in California, where she's a finalist in the Fox talent show "So You Think You Can Dance." A week later she'll be eliminated. But tonight everyone's reveling.
"Dance" doesn't carry the cachet of "American Idol," so Martha madness hasn't reached the pitch of 2003's Claymania, when hometown belter Clay Aiken made it to second place on "Idol." Here at Champps, though, there's something other than idolizing going on.

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