Battlestar's Jamie Bamber talks with OUT Magazine

A snipet:

The Sci Fi Channel’s runaway hit is emblematic of a new trend in science fiction television toward more fully realized, complex characters, many of whom even have sex lives. And if the sexing of sci-fi TV is a trend, then gay fans are thanking their lucky stars for sexy Bamber, whose body-conscious tank tops and revealing sex scenes turn the more common objectification of sci-fi women (think Princess Leia in the golden bikini) on its ear. Bamber’s season 2 scene in a unisex locker room in which he wears only a towel (and not for long) was no less than a queer blogosphere sensation.

As hunky as Bamber is, he’s the show’s accidental heartthrob. During casting, the 5-foot-9 Bamber says, he was dwarfed by the competition: “There were several other hunks in the room that were a lot hunkier than me. They were huge! The overall average physical body type in Los Angeles is completely different [than] in the U.K. So I’m not used to being in a room with a bunch of guys that look like they play college football—and yet they were obviously good actors as well. They didn’t want the archetypal sort of jock hero. They wanted someone a bit more, I guess, cerebral.”

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