Veronica Mars' Possible New Love Interest?

Ausiello hinted at this in his last column:
Question: Do you know anything about the rumors of a new love interest for Veronica named Piz in Season 3? — Daniel

Ausiello: It's true. Piz is one of two new recurring roles the show is casting; the other is a female peer of Veronica's at Hearst. My colleague Ileane Rudolph asked Kristen Bell about the new-love-interest rumors on Monday, and this was her response: "I don't know how she couldn't [have a new love interest]. But they haven't told me anything about the new season yet."

AICN is reporting that actor Chris Lowell from "life as we know it" has been cast in the role that should give Logan a run for his money come freshman semester at Hearst College.


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