Veronica Mars "Wichita Linebacker" Review

Well folks, it took three episodes. Three episodes for Veronica to be completely annoyed into suspicion by Logan's detached and often secret character traits. We knew it was coming, didn't we? Come on, every season our favorite bad boy with a heart of gold(leaf) messes things up yet somehow just like Veronica we welcome him back into our lives. Maybe its the biting wit, maybe it's those newly beefed up arms but whatever the case, just like Veronica we let him back in by episodes end. Jackass.

Last night we met the weasly Dean Cyrus O'Dell of Hearst College. He seems a tad bit slippery if you're askin' me. Not unlike Principle Clemmons, Dean O'Dell has immediately marked and made Veronica. Shocker. She does have authority issues, Van Clemmons can attest to that! It will be interesting to see where this relationship will go. As she left it, he owed her a favor so will this turn into a friendly "I scratch yours, you scratch mine" or will it be a little more one sided. Time will tell.

It's the return of Weevil. Well, a fatter version of Weevil but nonetheless... WEEVIL! Out on parole, our favorite PCHer, Non-PCHer is working at Jumbo's Car Wash. Glad to see the clink didn't lessen his sense of humor.

Weevil (to Veronica): "Now I'm working at the Car Wash, which as it turns out is not as fun as the song might sound."

Too bad he didn't learn to curb that temper because almost as fast as we learned of his employment we saw how he'd lose it. Throwing your boss against a vending machine, choking him, and then punching the glass out of said vending machine doesn't usually win you Employee of the Month status. Somehow feeling guilty, Veronica asks her Dad to give Eli a chance (becuase otherwise he's back in the slammer for parole violation). Keith reluctantly agrees which leads to the best visual of the night. A bloated Weevil in a flannel shirt and huge tie. God, his receptionist skills are exceptional. HA! About as good as controlling that temper. Before episodes end he's beaten the crap out of someone Keith was doing surveillance on and he's jobless once again.

Another sight to behold? Veronica in a cheerleaders outfit. Is Rob Thomas trying to make up for the lack of Sydney Bristow's ever changing getups? KBell is hotter than ever.

The mini-mystery this week revolved around a football player and his missing playbook. If the playbooks not found he could lose his scholarship to Hearst so of course Veronica is enlisted to help out. Why? Because Piz wants to have his own show on their college radio station and the girl running things is dating the footballer in question. It's not really of mention except that the footballer reminded me of Bryce Johnson from Popular (and soon to be seen in the oddly funny Sleeping Dogs Lie). He wasn't your typical jock yet you could see him playing football. Just thought it was worth noting.

Oh, that and a great quote when Veronica goes to nail the painter Larry whom she thinks is the culprit. During questioning he cracks.

Larry: "Look, I'm not a criminal mastermind... I just a painter."
Veronica: "So was Hitler"

Oh snap! I heart Veronica!

What else did we learn? Piz has a band called Black Licorice. What a horrible name, you know that band blows. You can just tell.

Oh and my favorite bit of info in this week's episode? MADISON SINCLAIR ATTENDS HEARST! I loved it when Logan referenced her. Now that's a class huh? Logan, Dick and Madison Sinclair. To be a fly on that wall.

Should we go back to Logan's being a douche phase? It's so obvious from the beginning that Logan's witholding information from Veronica. Whether it was because he's testing the college waters, or because he's doing something Veronica wouldn't approve of, we knew he was up to something. Veronica, determined to get Logan to be more interested in all things V invites him to an Art exhibit but he bails because he has class (that one with Dick and Madison Sinclair).

When Veronica runs into a drunk Dick later that night who tells her that class was a "walk" (the unspoken rule that if a professors late you can jet) she gets pissed because Logan didn't tell her or offer to go to the art show. When she confronts him later, he gets super defensive and turns into a little bitch.

A bitch with a good line (as always): "You're not the first girl to be led astray by Dick"

Oh you writers are so bad. Will the dick jokes ever not be funny? Long story short, Logan's got himself a little illegal campus gambling problem. One that has him hiding out and lying to Veronica. Has the boy learned nothing? You lie to Veronica and she'll find out. Especially when she has a tracking device in your cell phone or in your car. Don't mess with 'Ronnie. Who can blame her? She has trust issues. In the end though it's all good; Logan decided to stay home and make things right with Veronica instead of heading to Mexico with Dick and Gambling Kingpin/Entertainment Tonight Reporter Ryan Devlin. See, dangit he can be sweet when he wants to be. Too bad he can also be a douche.

I like douchey Logan, he keeps us on our toes.


  • Who was the actress that played Trish in this episode? I can't place her name.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/18/2006 03:39:00 PM  

  • Her name is Lindsey McKeon

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 10/18/2006 05:23:00 PM  

  • I think you misinterpeted the Madison Sinclaire reference. Logan said that Dick's five minutes actually just a minute and he said she could ask Madison alluding to Dick's not lasting too long (remember, he does quickies, not longies), not that she is in that class.

    Hopefully that doesn't mean that she didn't stick around in Neptune so she could spend a little more time on the Lamb.

    By Blogger Scooter, at 10/18/2006 08:29:00 PM  

  • Yeah, it does seem like I'm a tard Scooter. I totes missed that it could be a reference to Dick's short comings so to speak. Curses, I'm usually good at the innuendo.

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 10/19/2006 08:18:00 AM  

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