Wednesday Means Ausiello Spoilage

Well it's Wednesday and Ausiello's got major prattle for us again this week. I of course have thrown in my favorite tidbits below. Check out all the gossip and scoop on Brothers & Sisters, The Office, Lost, Veronica Mars, and Battlestar Galactica below and over at Ask Ausiello.

Brothers & Sisters:
How long can my favorite Brother hold out on dating? Is this going to be a Will incident where we know he's gay but we never see actual relations? Let's hear what Exec. Producer Greg Berlanti has to say:

"Obviously, we’re heading towards something between him and Scotty. We want him to have as real and as fleshed-out a romantic life as any of the other Walkers. People won’t get to the end of the year and be like, 'Dude, is he only gay in name only?' He’ll be gay gay."

The Office:
Stamford branch will be closing come November sweeps and it looks like both Jim and Karen are heading to Scranton!

-Tonight is a Locke flashback.
-Elizabeth Mitchell's Juliet will receive a flashback when the show returns in 2007.
-Penny won't show back up until the show returns in 2007.

Veronica Cast News:
Evil Beaver (Kyle Gallner)'s stint on CSI:NY will begin November 8th. He's playing Gary Sinise's stepson. Who knew?

Grey's Anatomy:
Remember how an Ausiello spy told of Addison chucking her wedding ring off a ferry while filming on location?
Well, now there are pics!


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