Veronica Mars -- Charisma Carpenter Opens Up The Briefcase

Remember the finale of Veronica Mars last season? Remember Kendall Casablancas passed Logan and Veronica on her way in to see Keith Mars? Remember she was carrying a briefcase? Remember said unseen contents were good enough to keep Keith from his vacation with daughter Veronica? Remember thinking "WHAT THE HELL IS IN THAT BRIEFCASE?"

Well I didn't until this morning when I read this article. I somehow completely blocked out the open question of the briefcase's contents. My friend Mary just finished watching Season 2 this weekend and emailed me wondering what I thought was in the briefcase. I thought she meant the one stolen from Vinnie earlier in the season but now I realize she was talking about this briefcase... duh jackass!!!

According to TVGuide's interview with Charisma Carpenter herself, the contents of the briefcase will be revealed in the season premiere on October 3rd! She also dishes about how many episodes we might be seeing Kendall in and much much more. Also on tap, the status of Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman. A must read for Veronica and Buffy fans alike.


  • Maybe I'm a little simplistic, but I just thought there was money in there, lot's and lot's of money and maybe a copy of her Playboy issue.

    By Blogger Scooter, at 9/06/2006 04:19:00 PM  

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