Veronica Mars' "Shadow" Strikes Again...

It seems that our fey friend Steven has gone missing. Is Veronica really on the case? You bet. She was supposed to meet Steven on the 30th and he was a no show. But the real burning question is this... Has Dick's face recovered? Is Sally still in peril? Let's see what helpmeveronica has to say...

Looksy-loo here's Veronica's Case File on the gay gone missing.

Apparently Hearst College is gearing up for their incoming Frosh class and Ronnie's got some new emails.

TO: All Incoming Freshman and Returning Students
FROM: Office of Student Housing
SUBJECT: Campus Pet Policy
DATE: August 31st, 2006

Addendum to 2006-2007Student Handbook

Please note that dogs are only permitted in the East dormitory and off-campus housing. All dogs must be registered with the Office of Student Housing by AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Failure to register may result in fines up to $1000 as well as possible loss of campus housing privileges. Please contact 555-0196 with any questions.


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