Project Runway Finale Tonight (and Top Chef Premieres)

Look, its the first and only time all four will be smiling tonight! I know I'm crazy but I really do not want to find out that Jeffrey had outside help with his collection. I love Laura for bringing it up and for having the balls to tell Jeff to his face (fearless, I love that about her) but I really truly don't believe he did. If he's an ex-junkie I bet you he did stay up night and day to finish these garments. He seems that anal and dedicated. Now if only half that energy went into showering!

So who will win? I've seen all of the collections and I'm leaning toward Uli or Laura. Going into the finale I would have said Michael hands down has this in the bag but his hoochie meets 70s glam isn't working for me. Both Uli and Laura pulled out very cohesive and beautiful collections so one of them has to win. I like Jeff's collection as well but there is no way they'd give him $100k. That's a lot of blow.

And I almost completely forgot that following the PR finale is the return of Top Chef, sans Billy Joel's stupid wife! There's some other hooker hosting, she can only be better -- right?

All together now:

"I'm not your bitch, bitch!"


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