Jeffrey Sebelia Wins Project Runway 3

I'm still somewhat in shock this morning that Jeffrey won! Not that I'm complaining because I love his style and I think he of the four has the most innovative and artistic designs but WOW I am still surprised.

As the collections were revealed weeks ago online and as we've seen on the show since the Reunion Special I thought for sure Uli or Laura had this in the bag. As a designer of gowns and classic feminine wear in S3 noone could touch Laura's unbelievable constructions. Her collection was so elegant and sophisticated that you knew this was the true Laura Bennett. Similarly was what Uli came up with for a collection. Her's was very classy but still very beachy Uli.

What the hell happened to Michael? He of all 4 finalists needs a mentorship with INC more than anyone. He'd gladly make hoocie hooker wear 24/7. He needs constraints and he needs guidance, its very apparent after last nights hideous collection. I get it, you're from the Dirty South and all but sweet lord that was Bryant Park not a dark corner in a nameless city circa 1973. I understood his message and what he was trying to convey but it just looked like he regressed instead of progressed. It was a sad showing.

Oh and what about them cutting to Brandy like we don't know why her alien face isn't there. Yes, supposedly they are dating. Does he know he's got a little gay in him? Cause he does.

Jeff really won huh? It's real. I know that I am happy for him and he could probably use the money but do you think he'll take the gig with INC? Seems so out of his realm. I can see him pulling a Benji Schwimmer and only taking the car, the money, the Elle layout, and the representation. He's already got quite the gig going on in LA I don't know that INC would help him much.

I am so excited though that Marilinda won! She was hands down the best Model that Project Runway has had in all three seasons. She had an amazing walk, a beautiful smirk, the power, and the attitude that comes along with being a top model. I cannot wait to see what her and Jeffrey pull off for Elle.

Until next year folks... Make It Work!


  • Yay Jeffrey! I was hoping he would win after seeing his collection. I also thought it was interesting how the editors tried to "soften" his image in the last few episodes. I took this as a hint that he could have won and they didn't want fans to be upset since he had seemed so mean in previous episodes. And Marilinda deserved the win for sure!

    By Anonymous Donna, at 10/19/2006 09:37:00 AM  

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