Friday Night Lights News

With the semi-good news comes semi-bad news folks. Here it is in all its glory.

The Good:
NBC has given the stellar Friday Night Lights an extra 9 episodes which means this is yet another show to receive a full season order. Lyla would be so proud, that psycho. Does she not scare the crap out of you with that automaton peppiness? Thank god she slept with Riggins because seriously she did need to get laid.

The Semi-Good:
In hopes of gaining more viewers, FNL is moving to Monday nights at 10pm right after Heroes.

The Semi-Bad:
The move to Monday's means that the current 10pm tenant and one of my top new faves is being sidelined for the time being. Studio 60 will be placed on the reserve list until NBC figures out what the hell their next play is. See, I can talk sports. I'm so worried about Studio 60 that at night I have fever dreams of never seeing Harriett again and that saddens me. Christ, I'm dreaming about a religious nut, my life is pathetic.

Oh yeah, and they've decided to write Amanda Peet's pregnancy into the show... that is if it lives to see that day. A tear.


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