America's Next Top Model "Ducky's Girl Goes Home"

I'm kinda shocked that my first pick to win this competition got the boot last night! AJ, who mind you did blow at all the challenges and the photo shoot this week, was sent home over Man-Face Jaeda. Shock and Awe folks. I couldn't believe it. Now, the Top 3 must reshuffle and I hate to do it but someone I didn't want in there is entering... and how!

Ducky's New and Improved Top 3:
Melrose (I know right, you just fell off your chair)

Let's talk about the episode for a second. First I'd normally want to ask if Tyra was drunk when she decided to kick out AJ but I think it's pretty apparent that SHE WAS! WTF? Tyra was all crazy during the judging last night. Someone lit a fire under her big ass or slipped her some speed because girlfriend was all fired up! She was giggling, bouncing, making fun of girls... normally she is so serious and stone-faced in the judging so I was thrown by her jubilance.

Hell, at one point she even said that the make-up artist responsible for the Stedman look Anchal sported shoud be "killed." Ms. Banks if you're nasty! Hello!

The real meat of last nights story was with the twins, in particular bi-curious tomboy twin Michelle. She kinda sorta came out maybe as gay maybe as bi in last nights episode. It was way out of the blue (though I'm sure it was edited that way because she doesn't seem like someone that would just be like "I'm Gay!") and threw her twin sister Amanda for a loop. Not that Amanda cares if she is or isn't but she does care that this is all happening while on television. When she had her heart to heart with Tyra I actually got teary eyed. I loved how she said she didn't care if her sister was gay or bisexual, she loved her regardless but what worried her was the impact coming out on tv could have for her sister. Her line: "I don't know if America has the right to know this..." was very powerful. It's real folks. It's hard to deal with and I can only imagine is much worse knowing that you just came out in front of millions. It was a very honest and emotional moment and I hearted it.

Oh and what about when Michelle was calling her Mom and she said to Amanda, "I told you right?" HAHA! There was this moment where you could tell Michelle had worked the courage up in her own mind to tell people and that she had probably rehearsed what she would say so many times that she couldn't even remember if she had told her sister or not! A great genuine moment! And that call home, simply heartwarming. I love their Mom!

The Shoot was hysterical and I loved that the girls had two chances to shine this week. It was "Celebrity Couples" time. Some photos were just great but some of them were down right scary. Anchal's Stedman (as previously mentioned) was HIDEOUS. Her Oprah was just okay. Michelle's Ellen was dead on and her Porsia was great expect that they gave her grey hair. What's up with that? CariDee's Angelina was H-O-T! Brooke did a great KFed and Brit. The real winner of the night though was Melrose. She rocked both the male and female sides as Donald Trump and Melania. The side by side of Melrose and Melania was unreal. Melrose is pulling out of the gate and leaving these other girls in the dust.

I hate to admit it, but she has a real shot of winning this thing!

Update: OMG I almost forgot when AJ was leaving and hugging the other contestants she looked at Melrose and said: "Melrose, you've got this... try and be nice" Brilliance!


  • AJ, you will be missed :(

    Melrose still annoys the hell out of me...but I have to admit that she's talented.

    By Anonymous marie, at 10/19/2006 01:20:00 PM  

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