Grey's Anatomy "Oh, The Guilt"

I'm swamped today so I have to keep it short and sweet.

I just finished reading the Grey Matters blog and the writer said how Meredith has big huge problems in life. Really, I feel for Meredith... she has to choose between McDreamy and McVet. Matters of the heart are no where near as huge as losing your ability to be a surgeon or say losing your fiance because he died. Comparing Meredith's problems to the others is like apples and oranges. In the grand scheme of things Mer's issues pale in comparison. Period.

I loved having Izzie back in the hospital. I loved her "rich" talk with Addison. I really loved her talk with Burke. I actually kinda forgot that Burke was shot in part responding to Izzie's lies and actions. I'm glad he called her out and himself for that matter for not being "fine". Can't wait to have her back next week!

Um, Callie... it takes some major will power and guilt to not let George in the door after he shows up with a gift basket including obscure kung fo films. He was so damn cute in that moment not to mention his "I think I would remember breaking up" moment. Callie's answer and reaction was necessary but it didn't feel any less painful to watch. "That's why we broke up." Sad.

I think my favorite moment of the night was Bailey gaining her Baileyness back at the end and Alex's "I didn't do anything" speech. When Bailey called him by first name and whispered Thank You... whew, I just got chills writing it because it was so amazing and wonderful, a classic moment.

Addison Montgomery without the Shepherd is so great! I liked the Mer/Addison moment. I loved the Izzie/Addison moment. God she's good. And seriously, could she be hotter?

Wait, I almost forgot about the M&M. Wow, that was intense huh? I felt so horribly for Bailey. Dr. Savoy's a real douche huh? Damn. I wonder if Meredith with sleep with him next?

Oh, and if you hadn't heard... TR Knight is gay. You know if you're blind or living in a cage on an island somewhere. Hell, it was on the ticker of every channel this morning. I'm glad he came out especially being on the #1 show in America. It's a semi-big move. I also appreciate his statement which was very non-chalant. What do you think the producers were doing last night? I wonder how much time they had between him giving a statement and them finding out he gave said statement. If the rumor mill is correct, Isiah Washington didn't just complain about TR being late for a scene, he called him a faggot.

I love when minorities discrimate against other minorities... really makes us feel united and as one in the struggle for diversity. HELLO!


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